Dear Students / Parents,

Plato, a Greek philosopher, was the first to educate the world that physical education can lead to physical development, mental development, moral development, childhood development and emotional development.

I believe that the reason for such a philosopher to declare to the world was his concern about the various corruptions, frauds and misdeeds seen in the society in which he lived. As an alternative to that, he logically proved that not only education but also sports would help in creating a highly knowledgeable society. As well, he stated that it should be mastered by a person from a young age.

Accordingly, education officials later incorporated physical education as a subject in the school curriculum. Today in the Sri Lankan Society, it is obvious for me, what Plato saw in the society in which he lived then is also in our society today. This includes, issues such as corruption, fraud, murder, child abuse, bribery and drug addiction.

However, during my school days, Sri Lankan society was not as above. I was educated at a village school and even while going to school I spent time with friends running around and picking fruits from the surrounding trees. The exam-centric education system that exists today did not exist then and I enjoyed the childhood. I enjoyed rice with jackfruit, bread and manioc three times a day and I had the opportunity to reach the national level through school sports. I later took sports at international level and was able to compete in three Olympic Games.

Providing girls a scientific knowledge in health through a reliable source is beneficial for adolescents as well as for their future. Under the guidance of Women Win in the Netherlands, the Sri Lankan Social Service Organization ‘SERVE‘, has compiled an activity book titled “GOAL@Home” for girls after the COVID-19 epidemic. This is a programme designed to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of young girls.

The book is based on the theme of Be Brave, Be Active, and Be Creative to Empower girls based on sports and fun.
I invite you to use this activity book to improve your knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Deshabandu Sriyani Kulawansa Oly