An activity platform
for Goal girls

Empowering the next generation
to Learn, Earn and Grow

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This Poject and website is implemented by SERVE in partnership with Women Win & Futuremakers.


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For girls aged 12 yrs - 19 yrs

About Lamun &
Goal Girls

We can’t always make it to the pitch or court and play sports with our friends. For the days we can’t gather, this activity platform is a great way to keep learning about Goal topics and staying active.

The Goal@Home Game Platform has lots of fun exercises that you can do by yourself or with a group of friends or family members at your home. Share the activities with those around you so they learn too

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Activities and Excerise

Empowering the next generation to Learn, Earn and Grow

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Module 01

Be Brave

This section shows you ways that you can stay active at home by introducing you to fun yoga poses, new ways to stretch your muscles and to increase the strength. This section will also help you focus and stay mentally calm.

Module 02

Be Active

This section includes a variety of activities that help you learn about Goal topics through colouring, storytelling, drawing, mazes, and fun quizzes.

Module 03

Be Creative

This section will introduce you to famous female athletes from all of the countries where Goal is being implemented. You will get to read about the athletes and then colour in a picture showing them playing their sport.

How it works

It's easy to use from registering to participate in activities

Register with the course and fill the Pre – questionnaire test

It is easy to register with the course. Fill your basic information and you will receive a confirmation email. You are ready to go ! You will be given a simple test to measure your knowledge before you enroll with our course. Do not worry ! This is just to measure your current knowledge.

Complete Modules, activities and fill the Post – questionnaire test

Now you can enter and complete the modules and activities. You can easily shift between your favourite topics. You will be able to reflect your progress. After the successful completion of modules and its activities, you will be given the same questionnaire given in the step 2. You can reflect yourself how you have improved your knowledge so far.

Receive the Certificate of Completion

Yes ! You did it. We will review your completed activities and you will receive your Certificate of Completion.

Every young girl
deserves an

Mrs. Sriyani Kulawansa Oly

Plato, a Greek philosopher, was the first to educate the world that physical education can lead to physical development, mental development, moral development, childhood development and emotional development.

I believe that the reason for such a philosopher to declare to the world was his concern about the various corruptions, frauds and misdeeds seen in the society in which he lived. As an alternative to that, he logically proved that not only education but also sports would help in creating a highly knowledgeable society. As well, he stated that it should be mastered by a person from a young age… Read More

An activity platform
for Goal girls

Empowering the next generation
to Learn, Earn and Grow

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The Goal programme uses sport and life-skills training to equip adolescent girls to be leaders in their communities. Goal is part of Futuremakers by Standard Chartered, a global initiative aimed at empowering the next generation to learn, earn and grow.

Help & FAQ

Yes. You have to complete all the activities and modules in order to receive the certificate.

We encourage you to complete the course within 2-4 weeks.

There is a ‘Help’ option in every activity. If you get stuck and please click it and mention your problem. One of our Education Officers will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

No. Pre-questionnaire test is only to measure your knowledge before you enroll with our course. No need to know everything. It is OK to not know.

No. However, we will help you to have sufficient knowledge before awarding the certificate.

After the completion of all the modules, activities and post-questionnaire test you will get your certificate as an e-certificate.